Ultimate Guide on How to Play Tongits: Let's Get You Started, Shall We?

Hey There, Future Tongits Pro!

So you want to dive into the thrilling game of Tongits, huh? How to play Tongits? You’re in the right place! I’m about to take you from a complete newbie to someone who can hold their own at the Tongits table. Let’s get to it!

What’s the Deal with Tongits, Anyway?

Ever heard of this awesome card game that’s like the heart and soul of Filipino family gatherings? Yep, that’s Tongits! We don’t exactly know when this game was born, but trust me, it’s as Filipino as adobo and lumpia.

So, What’s the Goal Here?

Simply put, you want to get rid of your cards fast! Create sets and runs, or be a little rebellious and “fight” that’s how to play tongits based on points. Intrigued yet?

Ready, Set, Gear Up!

Before we dive in, let’s talk supplies:

Cards? Check!

One standard deck of 52 cards will do. Sorry, no jokers allowed!

Keeping Score

You could go old-school with pen and paper, but there are cool apps out there to do the math for you.

Gather Your Squad

Three’s company, but you can play with 2-4 people.

Rules of the Game, Let’s Go!

First Things First: Setup

Before learning how to play tongits, learn first the setup. Deal out 12 cards to each player. Clockwise is the way to go. The rest? Make a pile in the center and flip the top card to start the game.

It’s Playtime!

On your turn, grab a card from the center or draw a pile. Got a set or run? Lay it down! Then, toss a card you don’t want into the “dump pile.” This is the basic rule on how to play tongits.

Count Those Points

Each card has a face value, and face cards like Kings, Queens, and Jacks are worth 10 points. Aces are 1. In the end, the player with the fewest points wins. Easy-peasy, right?

Strategies for Newbies on How To Play Tongits

  • Position Matters

Being the dealer isn’t just about shuffling cards; it gives you a tactical advantage. Use it wisely. Learning how to play tongits, means learning how to shuffle cards.

  • To “Fight” or Not to “Fight”

Choose to “fight” when you’re sure you’ll come out on top. If your hand’s a mess, better fold.

  • The Art of Bluffing

Bluffing isn’t just for poker. In Tongits, a good bluff can lead you to victory.

  • Use Those Power Cards

Got an Ace or a 2? These are your secret weapons. Use them to mess up your opponent’s game.

Mistakes You Want to Skip

Mistakes are a natural part of learning how to play Tongits, but avoiding them will give you the upper hand.

Don’t Get Tunnel Vision

Newbies often focus too much on sets and runs. Keep your options open!

The Dump Pile is Your Friend

Ignore the dump pile, and you’re missing out on crucial hints about your opponents’ hands. Big mistake!

Want to Level Up?

Check out some strategy books or get a Tongits app with a practice mode and learn more strategies on how to play tongits properly. Practicing against AI can sharpen your skills like nothing else.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

So there you go, everything you need to know to get started with Tongits.? The next step on how to play Tongits effectively? Practicing! Trust me, Tongits is more fun when you know what you’re doing.

The Intricacies of Card Values in Tongits

Hey there, savvy Tongits players and soon-to-be champs! Now we’ve learn how to play tongits and talked about the basics of Tongits, but let’s take a moment to really zoom in on something super important—the card values. You know, those little numbers that can make or break your game. So, sit tight, this is where we crack the code.

Point-Scoring: The Basics

First off, each card in your hand contributes to your total points. So if the game ends and you’re stuck with a handful of cards, you’d better hope they have low point values. Remember, the objective is to have the least amount of points.

Numeric Cards

Your standard numeric cards (3 through 10) have point values equal to their face value. Got a 5? That’s 5 points. An 8? That’s 8 points. Simple, right?

Face Cards (J, Q, K)

Now here’s where it gets interesting. All face cards—Jack, Queen, King—are worth 10 points each. So, unless you can make a set or a run, you might want to get rid of these bad boys ASAP.

Aces: The Double-Edged Sword

Aces are special. They’re valued at 1 point, which means they can save you from high point totals. But don’t let that fool you; their low point value makes them strategic assets, especially when making runs. 

The Mighty Twos

While the number 2 card is worth 2 points, don’t be so quick to dump it. It’s often considered a power card, letting you pick up the entire dump pile when played at the right time. Yes, it’s as epic as it sounds.

The Strategic Importance of Card Values

Understanding the point values isn’t just for tallying scores; it’s crucial for strategy. When you’re deciding what to discard, you need to consider not just what will help you make a set or a run, but also what will leave you with the least points if someone else finishes their hand before you do. Knowing how to play Tongits means knowing how to balance between offense and defense.

For example, if you’re down to your last few cards, you might want to hold onto low-value cards in case an opponent ends the game before your next turn. 

Crafting Sets and Runs

When you’re crafting sets and runs, think about the card values. A run of lower-value cards is a lot less risky to hang onto than a potential set of face cards that never materializes.

The Card-Value Mind Game

Lastly, don’t forget about the mental side of things. Discarding a high-value card might signal to your opponents that you’re close to going out while discarding low-value cards could suggest you’re struggling.

Card values may seem like a small detail, but they’re the building blocks of your Tongits strategy. Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, go ahead, and show off your newfound expertise at the next game. Trust me, you’ll see the difference. Happy playing! 


Every power-up has its sweet spot. Figure out which situations they’re made for, and you’ll play them like a pro.

Count cards in your regular games. Before you know it, you’ll be doing it without even thinking.

Pusoy Go is a popular card game app where you can play the traditional Chinese poker game, known as Pusoy, against other players in real time. The game involves strategy, skill, and a bit of luck.

Pro players are generally quick decision-makers, have optimized plays, and seem to anticipate your moves. They also tend to have high in-game statistics. You’ll recognize them once you start playing more seriously.

Yes, there are several Pusoy Go simulators and tutorials available online. They’re fantastic resources for practicing your strategies and moves before you get into a real game. 

Card counting in Pusoy Go involves keeping track of what cards have been played in order to predict what your opponents might have left. It’s a skill that can give you a significant edge, especially in high-stakes games.

Power-ups are special abilities or advantages that you can use during your game. They can give you a competitive edge if used at the right moment. The key is to understand the perfect situations for each type of power-up.

Absolutely! The guide is designed to elevate your gameplay to a professional level. Of course, you’ll need to practice and adapt these strategies to your personal style, but they can significantly improve your chances of beating experienced players.

Overconfidence after a win, misuse of power-ups, and neglecting combo plays are some common pitfalls. Always approach each game as a fresh start and learn from your mistakes.

Definitely! Beyond this guide, you can find a variety of advanced tutorials, books, and forums dedicated to mastering Pusoy Go. The more you learn, the better you get.

Consistency comes with practice and a deep understanding of the game mechanics. Keep refining your strategies, pay attention to your mistakes, and adapt. The more you play, the more consistent you’ll become.

Feel free to drop any more questions in the comments section below, and we’ll do our best to get back to you. Happy gaming! So that’s it! You’re all set to take on the world of Pusoy Go like a true champ. Get in there and show those pros who’s boss!

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